9 Checkpoint for a Stress-free Dissertation Submission

It is the final date to submit your dissertation and your paper isn’t complete yet. You walk around the empty roads seeking help. And then, from nowhere you find a big billboard and rejoice – written on it, in bold, is the one thing you dream of every day – “Write my Dissertation UK”!

All this can be a part of your nightmare or maybe half the reality if you are a post graduate or PhD student.

If you’re nodding your head in agreement, your situation is that of a tired and stressed student who has tried everything but is running out of time to complete the thesis.

Are you stressed because the last date of submissions is looming and you’re not even halfway through or do you know a friend who stresses a lot who might end up hurting themselves?

Read on to know how you can keep yourself stress-free in those last few days before dissertation submissions.

Or, if you are stressed with the mere thought of writing a paper, you can easily get help online by hiring assignment service!


Plan from the very beginning

It is very necessary to build a time-table and plan for your dissertation right from the date you were assigned one. That gives you the liberty to break down the entire process into smaller parts making it easier for you to achieve each levels (or milestones!).

Allocate time for each stage according to your plan and stick to it

While making a time-table and dividing the entire task into sub-tasks is easy – sticking to it all the while is the real test. If you lose track or overlook your research, you might miscalculate the entire plan and thus get stressed in the end!

Do not compromise on sleep

More often than not, stress affects your sleep the most. Do not let that happen. Allocate enough time from the very beginning so that in the last few days, you do not have to pull all-nighters!

Keep your calm

There will be many friends and fellow-mates who’d create stressful environment for everybody. Infusing panic regarding the thesis and time left – do not let them affect you. If you are on track with your plan, you do not have to panic!

Believe in your thesis

Self-confidence is the cherry on the cake. No matter how amazing are the topics of your friend’s dissertation, you have to believe in yours. The stronger you feel about your own paper, the better are the chances of you completing it on time and with full faith and interest.

Indulge in some quiet time

The brain needs few moments alone after working shifts, just like humans. Spend some time doing nothing (not sleeping). Read your favorite book or take a peaceful walk. You will see how small activities like this can help you keep a control on your entire plan.

If reading soothes you, read up something about any subject of your choice like HR, Finance or marketing principles assignment and then go back to your work.

Celebrate milestones

Once you finish each step (or phase of the plan), make sure you treat yourself. This encourages you to keep moving further and before you know, you’ll be done with your paper.

Double-check formatting

Once you get the university guidelines about the formatting, make special notes and keep it handy so that you can tally your work with it at each milestone completion. This will help your work to get double-checked once you compare the formatting at the end of your dissertation.

Do not ignore life!

While career is important, enjoying with friends and family is necessary. Sacrificing all the time, part of which could have been spent with friends and family, for writing a paper isn’t worth all that effort.

If you are stuck somewhere, you can always open internet and look up for help or tips on varied subjects such as finance, HR and marketing. For example, if your topic is related to MCKI, you can read Tips on marketing communication assignment help MCKI and gain a different perspective on the subject!


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